Artisanal Fruit Jam from Europe

Do you believe in time travel? Let us tell you, many of our customers do. How come, are they Science Fiction geeks or...

Best Loose Leaf Herbal Tea in Canada

Nature is always present in your comforting cup of herbal tea. Did you know that our Organic Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Bl...

One year of cold showers

One year ago, I promised to myself that I will take cold showers for one year. I know, to many this sounds extreme an...

Trouble sleeping at night?

So, you have trouble sleeping? Totally feel you and no worries, we are here to offer some sleep help.

Growth mindset

The only person worth competing (or comparing yourself) against is your previous self. Life is not a competition with...

Welcome to our new website

Hey friends,We are thrilled to present you with another surprise. With a lot of hard work, our online presence update...

Health from Transylvania becomes Health from Europe

Every good brand constantly evolves and after 1.5 years of operating under the name Health from Transylvania, we felt...

Transylvania Wild Beauty

Exploring the vast diversity of Planet Earth is one of the most amazing and enlightening things we can do. 

How to sleep better. Lavender and its benefits.

Sleep 💤 is the remedy to a lot of your problems. It gives your body and brain a well-deserved break and helps the pro...

Boost your immune system. Health benefits of vitamin D.

Did you know that vitamin D is VERY important for you?

Buy one, get one FREE jam

OFFER ALERT! 💯 Our first ever BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE JAM offer!Just in time for Mother's Day, the Memorable Taste Expe...

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Did you know that we also offer Memorable Taste Experiences gift bundles? Spring is here and we had to celebrate it b...


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