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⦿ Health from Europe is a friendly organization and we are driven by a set of values and principles that represent our culture.

⦿They are are fundamental to everything we do and support our evolution as human beings and as a company.

⦿We firmly believe that the complete satisfaction of our customers is the only goal to look forward to. 

⦿ We are committed to respect the highest standards of business ethics based on mutual confidence and respect for our friends - both individual customers and business partners.

⦿We are on a perpetual quest for a balanced lifestyle through sport, insane amounts of time spent into nature and healthy eating.

⦿Because with experience and new knowledge gained through many hundreds of hours of personal research, we came to the conclusion that a healthy and joyful way of living starts and ends with a balanced diet and a peaceful mind.

⦿We are all about:

  • peace
  • love and empathy
  • happiness
  • learning and growing
  • life balance
  • diversity
  • freedom of speech and spirit
  • support and community


⦿ Our commitment is to offer you comfort and peace of mind with our high-quality, natural and organic products from Old Europe, made with care and sustainable methods by small-scale artisans and producers.

⦿ Our mission is to proudly promote them across the ocean, making it possible for you to discover and enjoy new experiences with their healthy and savory goodies.

⦿ There is one condition, though. We have zero tolerance for preservatives, additives or anything chemical.

⦿ We make sure that our premium products are unique and are made only with pure ingredients from Mother Nature - the finest real fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs we can find.

⦿ It's guaranteed that in our offering you will never find any ingredients with names you can't recognize or pronounce.

Montreal, QC, Canada
Last updated: October 10, 2020