Loose Leaf Herbs for Herbal Tea (rose, lavender, chamomile, mint)

Best Loose Leaf Herbal Tea in Canada

Nature is always present in your comforting cup of herbal tea.

Did you know that our Organic Herbal Loose Leaf Tea Blends from Europe are made with medicinal herbs, flowers, fruits, and spices?

🌿 If you are looking for your favorite herbal tea plant or ingredient, we probably have it in one of our 10 blends.

Here is a complete list of them:

⦿ blackberry leaves
⦿ raspberry leaves
⦿ bilberry leaves
⦿ black elderberry leaves
⦿ linden blossom
⦿ peppermint
⦿ spearmint
⦿ wild mint
⦿ catnip
⦿ lemon catnip
⦿ echinacea
⦿ marigold
⦿ sage
⦿ plantago
⦿ apple
⦿ rosehip
⦿ sea buckthorn
⦿ quince
⦿ pear
⦿ lingonberry
⦿ bilberry
⦿ elderberry
⦿ blackcurrant
⦿ redcurrant
⦿ cinnamon
⦿ cloves
⦿ lemon balm
⦿ anise-hyssop
⦿ Damask rose
⦿ French rose
⦿ Japanese rose
⦿ wild marjoram
⦿ basil
⦿ coriander
⦿ rosemary
⦿ fennel
⦿ nettle
⦿ rosemary
⦿ thyme
⦿ lavender
⦿ marigold
⦿ primrose
⦿ yarrow
⦿ wild chamomile
⦿ St John's-wort

Organic Herbal Tea Blends Tea Store Montreal Canada

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