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Never stop learning and growing

  • 2 min read

Books and knowledge vortex

One of the best advices ever heard:

Be teachable. You are not always right. Never stop learning.

The story we tell ourselves that we don't need to learn anymore because we have life experience or because we know enough already in this information and technology era...well...that's just a story invented by our ego.

The ego is a status quo lover and is keeping you trapped into a comfort zone, where all is familiar, even though it's wrong or it's related to ancient beliefs or emotions that don't serve you anymore.

The ego is trying hard to protect you, but sometimes does exactly the opposite and it hurts you by keeping you in a dark zone of ignorance and mental pain.

Learning = exposure to new knowledge or awkward situations + experience. And, YES, it's very difficult!

Therefore, the stories our egos are telling us so to avoid "difficult feelings or situations" are predicated on fear, shame, pride and/or guilt. And unfortunately they only lead to inaction or plain laziness, because that's easier and comforting.

Learning to continuously learn and grow is a habit and mindset that you can develop, but only if you are motivated and WANT to do it.

And you want to know the tremendous secret about it? Once you take the first steps, you will see that it's not even that difficult and that it's quite fun to grow and discover new things about you!

Do you agree? How do you build up your motivation to continue learning? Please share some of your tips with everybody (us included!) to help begin or continue their journey!

Stay curious, healthy and happy!

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