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Health benefits of yarrow

  • 1 min read

yarrow (Achilea-millefolium) flowers

Yarrow (Achilea-millefolium). Ever heard about it?

Valued in Chinese medicine and planted around the grave of Confucius, yarrow is a powerful healing herb that is known and used in many countries and cultures.

Main medicinal uses:
🌿 fights infections
🌿 reduces serum lipids
🌿 improves intestinal health
🌿 supports blood circulation
🌿 induces sweating

essential oils (borneol, camphor, thujone, chamazulene, azulene, linalool, limonene, cineole, sesquiterpene lactones), tannins (condensed and hydrolyzable), flavonoids (apigenin, luteolin, rutin), alkaloids (achilletin, betonicine, stachydrine, trigonelline), acids (caffeic, salicylic, succinic), amino acids, nutrients (ascorbic acid, folic acid), cyanogenetic compounds, bitter (achillein)

Therapeutic actions:
diaphoretic, diuretic, stimulant, astringent, tonic, alterative, vulnerary

Organs or systems affected:
heart, liver, spleen, cardiovascular system

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