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Elderberry Jam

  • 1 min read

Wild Elderberry Jam Montreal Canada

As you know, we deliver guaranteed Memorable Taste Experiences.

And we are sure that you've never tried something like our homemade Wild Black Elderberry Jam.

It's no wonder that it was our best selling jam at the Toronto Tea Festival and Ottawa Tea and Chocolate festival!

Bursting with the remarkable flavor of real wild fruits, it has a very particular and savory taste that you will love. Not to mention the health benefits of elderberry!

It is best if paired with a good tea, but you can also let your imagination fly

Health from Europe Black Elderberry Jam

Have you ever tried this flavor? Would you try it?

Then, get yours while stock lasts!

Homemade in small batches by a family business in Transylvania, Romania

100% hand picked wild fruit (wild fruits are smaller and more flavorful than conventionally grown fruits, which are engineered to be huge, but lack on taste)

Simple traditional "Grandma style" European recipe

Rich in antioxidants

Comfort food

Low sugar

Preserved by thermal processing

Gluten-free and non-GMO

No pesticides, chemical additives or preservatives are ever used