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Lingonberry jam

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Health from Europe Lingonberry Jam Jar and cup with herbal tea

People ask what are lingonberries and what do they taste like.

Well, they are the European cousins of the cranberries and are really something else! 

They have a wide range of health benefits and Global News even called it Canada's next superfruit.

The fresh energetic taste will remind you of the cranberry, but with a more pronounced tart, fruity aroma.

And if you are curious, we have something just perfect for you.

Our low sugar Wild Lingonberry Jam is made using a raw preparation recipe that balances the sweet and sour taste combination in a spectacular and delicious fruits spread that you will bring you joy, happiness and childhood memories.

You just need to try it out!

Homemade in small batches by a family business in Transylvania, Romania

100% hand picked wild fruit (wild fruits are smaller and more flavorful than conventionally grown fruits, which are engineered to be huge, but lack on taste)

Simple traditional "Grandma style" European recipe

Comfort food

Rich in antioxidants

Low sugar

Raw preparation

Gluten-free and non-GMO

No pesticides, chemical additives or preservatives are ever used