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Dracula's castle

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Transylvania Dracula castle

So this is the famous Bran Castle, one of the most popular tourist attraction in Transylvania, commonly referred to as “Dracula's Castle”.

Bram Stoker’s character, Dracula, is a Transylvanian Count with a castle located high above a valley perched on a rock with a flowing river below in the Principality of Transylvania.
And as you can see from the picture, the description fits perfectly. However, we need to disappoint you and tell you that this is all fiction. 😄

Bram Stoker never visited Romania. He depicted the imaginary Dracula’s castle based upon a description of Bran Castle that was available to him in turn-of-the-century Britain.

His character is often confused with Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler), sometimes known as Vlad Dracul, who was a Prince of Walachia (another province in Romania).
Visitors to Bran Castle should make the distinction between the historic reality of Bran and the character of the Count in Bram Stoker’s novel or in the Hollywood movies.

Dracula only exists in the imagination and it's fun to visit the castle, but Transylvania has so much more to offer than this scary legend.
The real Transylvania is more of a daylight fantasy, surrounded with flower-filled meadows, lost-in-time villages, sun-drenched plains and a lot of beautiful vegetation and great landscapes.

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