Transylvania Wild Beauty

Exploring the vast diversity of Planet Earth is one of the most amazing and enlightening things we can do. 

Amazing Transylvania

Happy Friday! We found some superb videos of the amazing Transylvania and we wanted to share them with you.Enjoy!    ...

Transylvania - Our special place in Romania

For us, Transylvania is something special, as it is the land of our ancestors. Even if different life events brought ...

Places in Transylvania - Sibiu

Sibiu is one of Transylvania and Romania's most charming cities, being located right in the heart of the country. Kno...

Places in Transylvania - Sighisoara

This is Sighişoara, an UNESCO World Heritage site.Founded by German craftsmen and merchants known as the Saxons of Tr...

Dracula's castle

So this is the famous Bran Castle, one of the most popular tourist attraction in Transylvania, commonly referred to a...

Transylvania - Land of medieval castles

Transylvania is home to many of the most impressive medieval castles and fortresses in Europe. Due to its location i...

Other interesting facts about Transylvania

The Carpathians are the second-longest mountain chain in Europe. 🏔 They spread through 7 countries in Central and Eas...

Did you know? Here are 2 interesting facts about Transylvania

Did you know that Transylvania means "land beyond the forest" and is located in central Romania? It's not all vampire...

About healthy natural products from Transylvania

In this land, agriculture is still an important part of the life of many. Like 100 years ago, the cultivation of frui...


The land beyond the forest and count Dracula's cape Most probably Transylvania would have remained unknown to the wo...


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